May 20th | Bogota Colombia– Service Learning Update

This post could be titled “I met God in Bogota!” Today we went to church at La Casa. This is a spirit filled church that Visionet is affiliated with. I specifically requested that my interpreter not interpret this time. I wanted to experience the church service as it was happening and free from interpretation. I will make no assumptions as to your beliefs – I am just going to write about what I experienced.

Church began at 10am with very passionate praise music Latin style. Imagine keyboard, electric guitars, drums and congas. The singing was awesome and I can only say that if you are a Christian you might understand my next statement very well. The Holy Spirit fell in that place and it was so beautiful and overwhelming that it brought me to tears. While the praise music was the same as I am used to, the language was not.

After church we went around the block to the church offices and had traditional Cuban food. For me it was Puerco Assado, Frijoles Negros, Arose Blanco, y plantains and fresh squeeze lime juice. (translation: Roasted Pork, Black Beans and Rice). Anyone that knows me will agree that I love Cuban food. So this was a very special treat.

Guatavita, Colombia

Next, we took a trip into the country to a place called Guatavita. The town that is presently there was moved from down in the valley up onto the mountain because the government flooded the valley to make a man-made lake.

From here, we returned back to Bogota and stopped at a local grocery store. Walking into the store you could smell fresh baked bread and the fruits and vegetables were so fresh and beautiful that you could see it. Honestly puts American grocery stores to shame. What I have discovered is that very little of the food here has any preservatives in it. The food I had was natural, fresh and fantastic.

We ended the day at the home of one of the host’s friends. We had a wonderful time of talking and sharing a meal together. Back at my hosts home I prepared for my journey back to the US. While I am still trying to process all that I’ve seen here and am trying to fully understand what my purpose here was for, I am certain this won’t be my last trip to Colombia. After all… I have new friends and family now!


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