Thank God it’s Friday

Are you excited that it is Friday because the week is over or are you excited it is Friday because your week has just begun? It is all about perspective isn’t it?
You see, you could be excited that it is Friday because you are unhappy, miserable, and worn out over your job or situation in life. Friday represent a time when you can rip loose, party and medicate away the horrific week you had. Or... Friday represents a two day hibernation as you reset for a new week.

Both of these scenarios scream of someone who is resigned to a mediocre life.

BUT.... what if Friday represented momentum toward your goals... momentum toward your success? What if you used Friday as two days to get ahead of the pack. While people are sleeping... resting and either binge drinking or binge watching tv... you are actually using that time to reach new heights... new goals... new levels of success?

Yes... T.G.I.F. has two meanings... for the successful person it means another chance to get ahead of the pack... for everyone else it is a chance to become more like everyone else... further and further into the ranks of mediocre.

Which one are you? Are you OK with that? Just remember.. no one - not one single successful person has ever rested their way into lasting success. Every person who has found success had to work really hard at it. Both physically and mentally.

If your desire is to celebrate the weekend as a new chance to launch further into your success... then it is time you contacted me.

When you enter into Success.... T.G.I.F. will no longer mean - Thank God it’s Friday... it

will mean Thank God I’m FREE.
What are you waiting for?

Dr. Foster - The Success Coach

Success Doesn’t Wait for You!

moneyI don’t know what motivates you… but I know what motivates me because I am me. What I do know is that Success Doesn’t wait around for you to decide if you are motivated enough. Success is a participant sport that requires you to get into the game. It requires you to make sacrifices and to push toward the goal(s).
If you have not yet found your pathway to success, it is likely because you have not found the right strategies yet. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. But here is the good news:
There are tools and techniques you can use every single day that can help you move toward and achieve your goal(s). Moving toward success is a moment by moment, day by day activity. It requires stamina and accountability. Accountability brings focus and helps us stay the course toward our goals.
Remember, motivation is nothing more than desire. It is the ambition to go after what you want. Motivation can be either internally or externally motivated. Internally driven motivation is known to last longer. The best kind of motivation of all is internally driven.
But here is the thing, you need to get really clear on your vision; your unique vision of your life. What is your vision? For me, it’s helping individuals just like you find success and live the life they want to live successfully. I can “see” how this will positively impact not on the individuals I coach but the world around them and will create a ripple effect of goodness. I have a vision for clients who have happy families, successful children and thriving businesses. My vision is to help my clients not only become successful but to help them find ways to pay it forward in life.
The vision of someone – just like you – becoming all of those things and more gets me excited. It helps me jump up out of bed in the morning and to work hard, because I want to make it reality.
But, I realize that you might have a different vision.
Maybe you want to start your own business. Or maybe you want to travel and see the world.
Maybe you just want to pay off debt, but your kids through school or build that dream home you’ve always wanted.
Whatever it is – not matter what it is – you can realize it and more if you have a vision. A vision that is bigger than you. Perhaps a vision that scares the crap out of you.
Your vision should set the path to the person you most want to become. It is the very reason I started Maximum Change in 2005 and it is the very reason I get up every day and share with you.
You can be who you are right now – you can continue to live the life you have right now… or….
you can live the life you most want and deserve. You decide. It is time for you to choose.
Will you invest in yourself and your future or will you keep-on-keeping on?
You get to decide. Either way, I am still going to work with clients as I workl toward my goal.
I hope you will join me.
Dr. Foster – The Success Coach

Deciding to Succeed


Once you make up your mind about something – you become unstoppable. You will do whatever it takes. This requires that you make up your mind with absolute certainty and conviction to do whatever it takes to bring to life your vision, goal or dream. When you do this – you cannot be stopped.

As a coach I have had many people contact me over the years asking for my help. Some of them decided not to work with me for various reason. What I have learned from those that chose not to work with me is this, not one of them had advanced forward in their goals, dreams and hopes. I asked myself why? The answer is simplistically complicated… they had not decided with certainty about their goals.

The truth is that unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation; while successful people make decisions based on where they want to be. Those that chose not to work with me had made decisions based on their current situation. They didn’t have the money; they didn’t have the time; they didn’t have the absolute desire to do the hard work that was required. This is not to say that your current situation should not or cannot be the inspiration of your success. But that without a clear destination in mind – you will go no where.

The type of decision I am talking about here are firm and resolute decisions, instead of the ones that are formed and forgotten about in an instant. People who keep forming and changing their decisions are barely ever able to achieve what they desire. You need to believe strongly in your decisions to the extent that once you have taken a decision, it becomes concrete and must be followed through.

If you want to be unstoppable. If you want to reach your goals more quickly. Stop making excuses and start making decisions. If you were hungry and had no money – you would do whatever it took to feed yourself and your family… right? Or would you play the victim card? You can either be a victim or a victor… you get to decide.

The bottom line is this… If you are not creating the life you want, then you need to contact me. Those clients who didn’t enroll with me… not only are they missing out on a better life… but all the people counting on them are missing out as well. The people that have stepped up and worked with me; they are making things happen. I don’t want to let you off the hook. You were designed for greatness. You were designed for success. It’s up to you to decide… look around you… are you living the life you always wanted? If not; then you need to contact me immediately…

I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Dr. Foster

The Success Coach

Uprooting the Weeds in Your Life.

If you are like me, you probably hate weeds! My neighbors probably think I am a little Obsessive Compulsive when it comes to eradicating my lawn and flowerbeds of those pesky little weeds. I’ve even been known to pull weeds in my neighbor’s yard, rationalizing that if I don’t they could produce seeds which will spawn more weeds back into my yard.

The term “weed” can mean different things to different people. As with anything, one man’s weed is another man’s garden. In a broad sense a weed is really any plant growing where it is not wanted. In order to get rid of the weeds, we must attack them at their roots. This can be accomplished by way of herbicides, friendly insects, and good old fashioned hand pulling. If we leave even the slightest piece of root, the weed can very likely return, sometimes stronger than before.

Because weeds are found where we don’t usually want them, controlling them in those placed becomes a serious matter. Many of us spend untold amounts of time and money to eradicate unwanted greenery. Weeds are invasive and, in many ways, noxious to our garden. Typically weeds destroy the habitat they dwell. They reduce the opportunities for the grass to grow and cause displacement of plants. Weeds usually reduce options and diversity in the garden by over taking the entire area with one species of plant (them). Thus, weeds can disrupt the natural flow of an area and can ultimately be costly. In essence, a weed can suck the life out of your garden if kept unchecked.

As with our garden, we have weeds in our personal lives – bad habits, inappropriate or misguided opinions of ourselves or others, procrastination, or even lack of organization. Such weeds can manifest themselves through lack of motivation or passion and can be found in our belief system in how we see ourselves or even God. They can suck the joy out of our lives and cause us to live in an environment that is otherwise foreign and uncomfortable. Like weeds in the garden, our “life weeds” consume valuable resources, energy, and emotions that are otherwise essential to living a joyful and productive life. The choke out our ability to live life as God intended for us. In order to get rid of the weeds, we must uproot them and replace them through a reliance on God, accountability, resources and opportunities that will ultimately help us blossom into a productive and joyful life.

Weeding out our lives can be as time consuming and costly as weeding our gardens however it is far less expensive to weed our lives than to allow our lives to become overgrown with “life weeds” that may choke our relationship with our Lord, and the unbelievable opportunities he has laid before us. Wedding our lives begins with a relationship with Jesus, daily and constant prayer, and reading God’s word.

One must keep in mind that uprooting a “life weed” may take time. After all, we are replacing bad habits with better habits. A garden takes time for healthy vibrant plants to take hold and grow. So does your own “life garden” – you are replacing your “life weeds” with sustainable, healthy habits that will require nourishment to grow. Change is never easy and sometimes our gardens must go through a state of awkwardness before we can see the true beauty and rewards.

Isn’t it time that you surveyed your garden, uprooting the “life weeds” and replacing them with healthy habits? Here is an easy process to consider:

1) Replace bad habits with good habits by having a mental picture of what the new habit will look like. Also, understand why you are replacing the old habit.

2) Practice the actions required over and over again so that the new habit becomes natural.

3) Next you will enter into the transition phase where you have an old behavior that has become comfortable, like an old pair of comfortable shoes (they may look ugly to the eye but oh-so comfortable!). Resist slipping back into the old habit – remember, you are working on getting out the entire root of the “life weed”, which takes time and energy. Your new habit may feel uncomfortable at first because you are not used to it yet. Practice, practice, practice and don’t give up just because it’s uncomfortable – the end result is worth it!

4) Finally, the new behavior will become automatic – a new habit is born! Congratulations!

Weeding your “life garden” requires persistence, patience, and most of all, a commitment to change. Although you may find success on your own, it is recommended that you find an accountability partner. Once healthy positive changes occur, you can maintain your beautiful new “life garden”…less those pesky weeds.

 Dr. Philip A. Foster

The Success Coach


You’re in pursuit of success, but it hasn’t arrived yet. You desperately need a breakthrough. I think about breakthrough a lot. I think about it for my clients and I think about it for myself. As a success coach, I too need a breakthrough on my goals and desires for life. My breakthroughs are many times the breakthroughs of others. Probably one of the most commons questions I get is “how do you have a breakthrough?” In all of my years of professional coaching I have learned this. Breakthroughs are possible, but they require an investment. This investment comes in the form of mental energy, time and even financial resources. The mythology of a breakthrough is that it appears like an overnight event to those witnessing from the outside in. A breakthrough is like a moving sidewalk in the airport. You are walking along the concourse and then you step onto the moving sidewalk. You get a sudden burst of speed that propels you further than you could have gone simply walking on your own. If you choose to walk on the moving sidewalk, you will move even faster. This is how a breakthrough works. This is your a catalyst for breakthrough.

The challenge for many is that a breakthrough requires a precise process. Again, from the outside it looks like it just happened. But from the inside, it took years to reach the breakthrough. A common analogy to think about this process comes in from the question “How many hits of an ax does it take to fell a tree?” Some might say the first and some might say the last. The correct answer is that every hit of the ax was required for the tree to fall. So, like the tree, a breakthrough requires a lot of steps – whacks of the ax – to reach your goals. No matter the number of times we must hit the tree – persistence is what falls the tree.

Breakthrough comes from the use of a catalyst, a precise process and the persistence to never give up. A triumphant story of success always includes the dogged persistence of the one achieving their breakthrough.

Are you finally ready for your breakthrough? Let me know…

Dr. Foster

The Success Coach

Success Mindset

The interesting thing about your Mindset is that it is uniquely you while being a summation of learned behaviors. Because your mindset is learned, it is adjustable. The problem is that we get lazy; lulled into the life’s behaviors we have grown comfortable with. I would argue that we grow comfortable with discomfort. I recently said that we all have our threshold of pain. When the pain of staying where we are is less than the pain of changing, we do nothing and continue to mottle along comfortably in our pain. BUT, when the pain of staying where we are is greater than the pain of changing, then we will change.

The good news is that we don’t have to wait until the pain increases. We don’t have to wait until we are in a crisis to make the necessary changes to grow, to be, to do great things in life. We don’t have to wait until our life is falling apart of realizing that we need help in changing.

A Success Mindset begins with the decision to change. It also begins when you realize that you can’t go it alone. For me, I woke up one morning and said today is the day I take back the success that belongs to me. This is when I made the decision to ignite my Success Mindset.

Here is the dirty little secret about success. It takes a decision. It takes persistence. It takes learning. AND, it takes hard work. In fact, the equation you will need to achieve sustainable success is as follows”

Mindset + Dedication/Hard work + Dreams = Sustainable Success.

The first thing you must change is your mindset. Changing your mindset requires persistence and accountability that is leveraged through the help of a Success Coach. If you are tired of being tired. If you desperately desire success, then contact me and let’s get started. Let’s move out of the pain of where you are and into the comfort of where you so richly deserve to be.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr. Foster

The Success Coach