Change for 2018

Like any great Coach, I’ve been thinking a lot about my clients and the new year. Not because I am a fan of New Years resolutions – but because I am always thinking about the future. I actually don’t encourage the use of resolutions because most people will quickly forget about them in a few shorts weeks. You see resolutions don’t create change. It is far more complicated than writing down a flimsy wish list of things you might ought to accomplish. I don’t want to sound jaded in any way. I am simply approaching this from the reality of over 24 years in business.

So when do you think change actually starts? I think that change begins with an earnest and committed decision to do something new, different or incredible. Change begins with a belief in yourself and a positive outlook toward accomplishing those things you so deeply desire.

The reality is that change begins WITH you and WITHIN you. Change begins when you move from the thought of I should change to I can and will change. Once you have decided that you will change you begin to enter into the phase of actually changing. You are the change you seek.

It’s time you broke loose of the place you are stuck in. Take action and keep moving forward. This is not easy but it is possible. Action-takers are the ones that move toward and enter into Success.

So this, I’ve concluded: those who want change bad enough will change. You can’t wait for change – you have to do something for yourself now and for the rest of your life.

If you are ready… contact me and I will be happy to set up a free consultation to discussion the steps necessary to step into your very own awesomeness.

Dr. Foster – The Success Coach

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Money and Freedom


I was having a conversation with someone recently and they were espousing the virtues of countries with free health care and free university education. In the same breathe they were decrying wealth and success.

Truth is, nothing is FREE. Someone has paid for that free stuff with their hard work and moxie. Another truth – if you want to be successful you have to think differently than everyone else. I am not saying that we shouldn’t pay taxes – what I am saying is that wealth is not the problem. I am all for limiting the amount of taxes one has to pay into government, but I am also reminded of something a wealthy friend of mine once said to me. He said, “Don’t ever bemoan paying taxes, because that means you are making money and the more money you make the more taxes you pay.”

Here is the deal… nothing and I mean NOTHING is free. There are costs to everything: social, time, monetary, and emotional. The problem is most people don’t want to pay the price for success. Thankfully there are people who have been willing to pay the price and we should all be thankful for them. Without those people, we would have never had the industrial revolution that brought about so many innovations. Without those people we would not have imagined and then accomplished trips to the moon and all of the products and innovations that came from the space race. Without those people, we would not have Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford, Chevy, BMW, Rolex, Sony, Tesla, GE, and so many many many other companies. All companies that have created wealth for their owners because they chose to be different – they chose to work hard and to create something new.

The one thing that I have learned about success is that it IS a mindset. To be successful, you have to change the way you see and interact with wealth and success. I know that it isn’t easy. It is hard work. It takes focus, mental and physical stamina. Success is a mindset that desires freedom from worry, freedom from hardship and freedom from the bounds of what society believes you should be. Success requires that you invest in yourself.

Here is a very hard truth: the average person spends 95% less on their own education and personal growth than those who are successful. To be different than everyone else you should invest 10% of your monthly income to your PERSONAL GROWTH.

Personal growth includes coaching, seminars, courses and books.

Every month you should set aside 10% and use it for nothing else but your own personal growth.

If you’re not growing you’re dying.

How can you focus on GROWTH? For one, you need better strategies for how to create more wealth faster in your life.

The strategy that has always made the most difference for me was to spend 10% of my personal income of my personal growth. I do this through books, mentors, and educational seminars.

Napoleon Hill once said that “the mind grows strong through use. Struggle makes power.”

The first step toward freedom is to decide that you want to be free.

The Success Coach – Dr. Foster

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