Welcome to Success in 2018


I just wanted to let you know how cool I think it is
that you’re reading this blog! πŸ™‚

2018 is the year to do BIG THINGS.
It is your year for BREAKTHROUGH

It’s time for us to leave
the mediocre masses far, far behind us.

I really hope that one day, they too will see the light.

But the reality teaches us that 80% of the people never take action.

They never bet on themselves.

They won’t read a single book in an entire year.

They never make a decision to moved toward success.

It makes me sad, but I’ve also accepted it.

If they want, they can join.

But they probably never will because of social conditioning and fear.


It’s so cool that you’re here with us.

Because you are one of the few people who really
loves working on themselves.

This is extremely rare in today’s society.

When you look around, what do you see?

People looking at their phones. Not living in the moment.

Trying to escape reality through TV and Facebook.

But, let’s talk about awesome things right now.

Our mission here.

To help you become even more successful:

Many people connect success to external factors.

Like having a lot of money, having a beautiful girlfriend/boyfriend,
being in good shape, buying nice house,
driving a nice car, etc.

But although those things can make you happy
short-term, they won’t bring
you true happiness long-term.

Let me explain.

Humans are great at adaptation,
but this also has a downside.

When we do or have things, over time,
they become “normal,” and we forget
how great they really are.

You drive a new car, it’s incredibly awesome,
for a while, but then it loses its freshness
and it becomes normal or even boring..


What can we do to become even more
successful in life?

Multiple things:

Determine your success based on your own actions
and decisions.

You know that you did everything you could do and
this brings internal fulfillment, no matter what
the circumstances are or going to be.

Next thing?

Inspire others to greatness.


By taking action and more action and more action,
adding value to the world.

​​​​​​​It sounds so simple and it really is simple.

But most people don’t do it because they are

Afraid of being judged.

They live in reaction to others, because they think
that’s the way to go.

Do you know what I say to that?

I think you do…


We have to step out of our own BS little story
and step into our legend.

Change perspective from a
low level consciousness to a high level
consciousness by asking the right questions.

“How do I actually ADD VALUE to the
world on a day-to-day basis?”

It could be everything.

I say start small.

Start by giving people the gift of a smile on their face.

It’s something you can do anytime,
anywhere without resources
and yet, it can make a huge difference in someone’s life.


So, What are you ready to accomplish in 2018?
Are you ready to accept the challenge? Are you ready to receive
the help only the Success Coach can offer? Contact me today to
set up your Free Breakthrough Session.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Dr. Foster – The Success Coach



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