Find A Way: 3 things we need to overcome challenges.

a99193_tree-growth_11-lakeHave you ever found yourself in a difficult place – what we call between a rock and a hard place? Perhaps you find yourself buried by pressures and wonder if you will be able to climb out of the challenge. An analogy of this very issues is that of a tree growing up out of a rock. This is truly an example of a rock and a hard place. Trees don’t choose where they grow – they grow where a viable seed ends up. We, likewise, don’t choose hard places but the conditions around us create these hard spots.

We can either look at challenges as the end of us or we can see challenges as incubators for our character. These difficult places show us what we are really made of. Challenges are not things that should be allowed to overtake us – but things that we overcome.

How do we overcome the very things that are trying to overcome us?

  1. Make a decision that your situation is temporary and that you will work your way out of it.
  2. Be Persistent. Overcoming a difficult situation takes time. You must not ever give up.
  3. Learn along the way and from the difficult challenge.

Like the tree, you can and will grow through your challenges.

Don’t give up… Today is not the day to give in. Keep going and find a way to win.

The Success Coach – Dr. Foster


Power Affirmatons


I Am Amazing
I Will Never Quit
Criticism Has No Effect On Me
Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well
I Will Not Wait
I Will Savor The Journey Today
I Will Leave a Legacy
I Am Focused On The Prize
People Matter
I Am A Winner
I Am Happy
I Am Amazing and Astonishing
I Am Outstanding
I Am Ambitious And Courageous
I Am Free
I Am Succeeding
I Am A Diamond – They Can’t Break Me
I Am Healthy
I Am Strong
I Am Positive
I Am Prepared to Succeed
I Am Powerful and Unlimited
I Am A Leader
I Am The Best In My Field
I Make It Happen
I Can, I Will, I AM!
The Success Coach – Dr. Philip Foster

Where are you headed?


Today’s video was focused on a cute cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes in a wagon barreling down a hill. Calvin looks back to Hobbes and says “The truth is, most of us discover where we are heading when we arrive.” [Video link:]

So true! Most people set out in life with no plan what-so-ever and they only know where they were going when they get there. But what if there was a better way? Well… there is a better way. It is called purposely planning out your life. What if today you made the absolute choice to go somewhere specific? What if you began to develop plans as to what you actually want to be and do in life? It’s true – you can choose what you want your life to be like. Yes, your spidey sense are one target… there is a but! Just because you make a choice does not mean that it happens overnight or exactly the way you planned it. To live in your preferred future – the future you dream about – the future as you imagine it to be, you need three things:

1). You need to make a definitive decision about what you want out of life. What is your goal? What does success look like to you?
2) You need to begin developing a plan to achieve said goal!
3) You need a coach or mentor to help you stay accountable, motivated, and on task.

The life you always wanted is just one decision away and a whole lot of hard work. The hard work is what makes the payoff so much more sweet.

The Success Coach –

The Heart of a Lion

nick_brandt_photogrvphy_magazine_13-1024x614_cThe pursuit of goals and dreams is not for the weak. The journey is hard both physically and mentally. To take this journey you must have the heart of a lion. You must be brave and courageous. You must have mental fortitude… you must be fearless in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

People are going to say things about you on your way to your dreams. They are going to try to stop you because they don’t understand what it is that is burning so deep within you. They don’t understand that your goal is like oxygen to your soul. They don’t understand that you have a fire raging inside of you that only can be satisfied by success. That your goals compel you to work tirelessly day and night.

You must not give up… you must not let fear win. Your journey to success is not about how hard it is… but about how you overcame that difficulty. How you rose above it all and stood tall on the summit of your dreams. The journey is about preparing you for the success you area about to receive.

Today – resolve to have the heart of a lion. Resolve to be courageous in the face of the unknown. Resolve to fearless. Resolve to not give up – not give in – not turn away. You are hungry… you are burdened – you must win.

Don’t give up… EVER!

The Success Coach –

Why Most Don’t Achieve Greatness…

What I have learned is that anyone can achieve greatness. Yes, I said anyone… 100% of everyone can achieve greatness. While greatness may be different for everyone, we are all still capable of achieving greatness.

The sad reality is that most people won’t and the reason is quite simple – we all have choices to make in life. These choice might be so small that you don’t even notice they are there. For example, how we respond to situations with statements “I had no choice” create excuses for why we didn’t. We hide behind these statements as an excuse for our behaviors and actions. Our choices are NOT out of our control.

So the obvious question is why so many people don’t achieve greatness. It is not that they can’t achieve it – it is that most people don’t eve try at all. Most are happy with others calling the shots in life. When we let others control our life and direction, greatness is not attainable. Most people do not want to carry responsibility for their life. So, instead they build a wall of excuses that eventually imprisons them.

Our default is to blame external factors (like our wall) for our lack of success. So there is your answer, most don’t achieve greatness because of their limiting mindset.

Don’t choose mediocre. Don’t blame others for your lake of greatness. Stop traveling the easy road to mediocre.

If you want to achieve greatness, you need these 5 things.

  1. a decision to change course
  2. a willingness to stay the new course because the journey is hard
  3. stay accountable with the help of a coach or mentor
  4. end limiting beliefs
  5. don’t give up

Once you are determined – NOTHING will stop you.

The Success Coach –

What do you want?


I often ask my clients what is it that they really want in life. Then I ask them to picture it in their mind. By nature we are visual creatures. We must be able to “see” what it is that we are working toward. But knowing what you want it not enough. The dream or goal has to be enough to motivate you. But, not just motivate you – sustain you through the really tough moments.

The problem is that most want it quickly and yet the journey is long. My clients learn that they leak. We all leak – our motivation needs constant attention – constant work… This leaking in scientific terms is known as the “forgetting curve”.

What is the forgetting curve you ask? It is actually based in mathematics and it describes the rate at which something is forgotten after it is initially learned. Simply put, we leak…
So, how do we overcome the forgetting curve? Well… that is a little bit more of a challenge, especially for people with busy lives. It is all about repetition and the space of time between those repetitions. In other words, if you want to commit something to long-term memory, you have to keep it at the front of your mind constantly.

If you really want something, you are going to have to learn to deal with the fact that you leak. The quickest way to achievement is through the process of coaching, accountability, and learning.

The Success Coach –

I didn’t want to post this…

I don’t usually do this, but in a moment of CLARITY I realized it needed to happen…


If you’re already hitting your life and business goals (financially & otherwise), disregard this particular email because I only want to talk to the people who are NOT hitting theirs.

By ‘hitting your goals,’ I mean actually achieving them. Not “about to achieve them” or “working on achieving them” or “just around the corner from your big break.”

There is no in between here…

Either you’re hitting them, or you’re not.

And if you’re NOT hitting them — let me tell you real quick what MIGHT be the problem. YOU.

YOU are likely the problem.

WAIT — before you clench your fists and gather up the breath to scream obscenities at the heavens… finish reading this first please.

I’ve observed that most people get ‘stuck’ in what we call make-believe realism. It’s this space that’s completely made up, which we pretend is real.

The person who is PERPETUALLY ‘almost there.’
Every Thanksgiving & Christmas they’re about to have their best year ever…

Then the next year, something didn’t work out but hey they’re about to redeem it with their “BEST YEAR EVER.”

Entrepreneurs get stuck here.

You learn a little about MINDSET and how to believe and the power of positive thinking. And then?

You trick yourself into thinking you’re ‘making it’ when you’re actually not.

Here’s some relief: you’re doing it ‘half’ right. Thinking the right way about yourself and having belief IS the start of something powerful…

But you’re missing a key piece of the equation:


We remove the things you’re doing that don’t make any sense, but you’re too close to them to see that.

People start working less, earning more money, and (BIG BONUS) being way more fulfilled… That is what we want to talk to you about, should you choose to explore the opportunity of working together.

If you’re not hitting your goals, and you see opportunities and do nothing with them, you deserve to not hit your goals.

Sorry but just speaking what’s true right now.

No more bucking responsibility…

The choice is yours. We’re here when you’re ready. START HERE
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