Find A Way: 3 things we need to overcome challenges.

a99193_tree-growth_11-lakeHave you ever found yourself in a difficult place – what we call between a rock and a hard place? Perhaps you find yourself buried by pressures and wonder if you will be able to climb out of the challenge. An analogy of this very issues is that of a tree growing up out of a rock. This is truly an example of a rock and a hard place. Trees don’t choose where they grow – they grow where a viable seed ends up. We, likewise, don’t choose hard places but the conditions around us create these hard spots.

We can either look at challenges as the end of us or we can see challenges as incubators for our character. These difficult places show us what we are really made of. Challenges are not things that should be allowed to overtake us – but things that we overcome.

How do we overcome the very things that are trying to overcome us?

  1. Make a decision that your situation is temporary and that you will work your way out of it.
  2. Be Persistent. Overcoming a difficult situation takes time. You must not ever give up.
  3. Learn along the way and from the difficult challenge.

Like the tree, you can and will grow through your challenges.

Don’t give up… Today is not the day to give in. Keep going and find a way to win.

The Success Coach – Dr. Foster


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