What do you want?


I often ask my clients what is it that they really want in life. Then I ask them to picture it in their mind. By nature we are visual creatures. We must be able to “see” what it is that we are working toward. But knowing what you want it not enough. The dream or goal has to be enough to motivate you. But, not just motivate you – sustain you through the really tough moments.

The problem is that most want it quickly and yet the journey is long. My clients learn that they leak. We all leak – our motivation needs constant attention – constant work… This leaking in scientific terms is known as the “forgetting curve”.

What is the forgetting curve you ask? It is actually based in mathematics and it describes the rate at which something is forgotten after it is initially learned. Simply put, we leak…
So, how do we overcome the forgetting curve? Well… that is a little bit more of a challenge, especially for people with busy lives. It is all about repetition and the space of time between those repetitions. In other words, if you want to commit something to long-term memory, you have to keep it at the front of your mind constantly.

If you really want something, you are going to have to learn to deal with the fact that you leak. The quickest way to achievement is through the process of coaching, accountability, and learning.

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I didn’t want to post this…

I don’t usually do this, but in a moment of CLARITY I realized it needed to happen…


If you’re already hitting your life and business goals (financially & otherwise), disregard this particular email because I only want to talk to the people who are NOT hitting theirs.

By ‘hitting your goals,’ I mean actually achieving them. Not “about to achieve them” or “working on achieving them” or “just around the corner from your big break.”

There is no in between here…

Either you’re hitting them, or you’re not.

And if you’re NOT hitting them — let me tell you real quick what MIGHT be the problem. YOU.

YOU are likely the problem.

WAIT — before you clench your fists and gather up the breath to scream obscenities at the heavens… finish reading this first please.

I’ve observed that most people get ‘stuck’ in what we call make-believe realism. It’s this space that’s completely made up, which we pretend is real.

The person who is PERPETUALLY ‘almost there.’
Every Thanksgiving & Christmas they’re about to have their best year ever…

Then the next year, something didn’t work out but hey they’re about to redeem it with their “BEST YEAR EVER.”

Entrepreneurs get stuck here.

You learn a little about MINDSET and how to believe and the power of positive thinking. And then?

You trick yourself into thinking you’re ‘making it’ when you’re actually not.

Here’s some relief: you’re doing it ‘half’ right. Thinking the right way about yourself and having belief IS the start of something powerful…

But you’re missing a key piece of the equation:


We remove the things you’re doing that don’t make any sense, but you’re too close to them to see that.

People start working less, earning more money, and (BIG BONUS) being way more fulfilled… That is what we want to talk to you about, should you choose to explore the opportunity of working together.

If you’re not hitting your goals, and you see opportunities and do nothing with them, you deserve to not hit your goals.

Sorry but just speaking what’s true right now.

No more bucking responsibility…

The choice is yours. We’re here when you’re ready. START HERE
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You CAN!


When was the last time you stopped and really thought about your life? Are you where you thought you might be? Do you still have a way to go to reach your potential? Have you lost the spark you once had? Our fire doesn’t die over night – it slowly is buried in life situations and circumstances over time. Somewhere along the way you begin to think that it won’t happen. You won’t achieve your hopes and dreams. You begin to believe that you can’t.

Here is the problem… you CAN if and only when you DECIDE. So what if you wasted time getting into the pit you’re in. Anything you can get into, you can get out of… Stop holding on to fear like a lover… it is not your friend. It is out to destroy you.

I promise you the process is going to be difficult and the journey can be long. In the end you can look back over your life and either say I lived the life I wanted or hold regret over what you never tried.

Today you must realize that what ever you want, need or desire can be yours. The price of admission to this journey is a decision and the persistence to never stop trying.

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Are You Looking for Success?


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Unblock me…

2018-02-28 05.33.20

This morning I was thinking through a situation that I am working on and was trying to figure out how best to overcome the challenge before me. To be honest I have been praying. meditating and thinking through this challenge for a while. It occurred to me that the challenges we face are puzzles. In fact our challenges are many times like the game “Unblock me”. I came to this conclusion when I realized that there are solutions to the problem before me, but I just can’t see them yet. In the game of Unblock me you have to not only figure out the move but also begin to see the future moves to solve the puzzle. Many times we know what the next move is but because we don’t know what the move after that is, we feel stuck. I am working on seeing the string of moves I need to make to “Unblock Me” today and you can too. The key, however, is to not get discouraged. Stay the course… keep going… don’t give up. The solution is right in front of you – you just can’t see it yet… but you can sense it is present.
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Success Requires discomfort


Are you comfortable? I guess what I am really asking is whether you are comfortable where you are? Perhaps it is a false sense of comfort but you are comfortable. Most people who bump around life don’t realize that they traded in extraordinary for mediocre. There is nothing wrong with mediocre if you’re ok with it. This is really for those who are uncomfortable to the point of pain with their mediocrity.

What I have learned in my journey to success is that you must find discomfort if you are ever going to move beyond your present situation. Brilliant, durable change requires pressure to change us from one state to the another. We have to disrupt the comfort of mediocrity if we are to live in the abundance of success.

This requires shifts in our mindset and purposeful focus on our goals. This means you will have to learn and grow. Growth is imperative to the health and viability of your long-term success. You must learn to become laser focused, optimistic, curious and determination to get to the winning line. A word of caution though… once you reach your success point – there are other races to be run… other finish lines to cross. Greater things to achieve beyond your current dreams.

The journey through new possibilities travels right through the middle of your current path to success. It is through this journey that you are able to see new and infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to be disrupted?
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The Shortcut to Success is a Long Journey…


I have spent my entire life studying success. I began my journey starry-eyed and hopeful. I dreamed of ways to “get-rich” some of which were tainted with the need for it to happen quickly.

Hear me now… THERE IS NO SHORTCUT to success… Whether you pave your own way or you take the road before you – shortcuts are a myth. We can do things that help us along the journey but these techniques do not necessarily move us forward at lightning pace.

Success is a “steady as she goes” journey. There are no “fast lanes” to wealth, prosperity or power. What I have learned is that Success requires a day-in and day-out commitment to the end goal.

The interesting thing about goals are that they are ever expanding. We might set out on the journey toward our great idea or passion only to discover that it is a thread that ties us to other options and opportunities along the way.

At the time of this writing, I am nearly 49 years old. It has taken me 30 years to unpack one truth. Success begins in the mind… prospers in the mind… and is manifested into the physical through sheer determination and laser focus. I have learned one other truth. The Journey to Success feels lonely but it shouldn’t be lonely. I have learned along the way that I need friends who understand me. Like-minded entrepreneurs that believe in me even on the darkest days. Because success begins and lives in the mind long before it is real… I need coaches, mentors and friends that will help me stay focused.

It is the reason I became a coach. It is the reason my passion is to help other people. Because the journey to Success does not need to be a lonely one.

The Success Coach
Dr. Foster